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Pooled Income Fund

A pooled income fund is a charitable trust that pools the gifts of multiple donors for investment. Donors, or those chosen by donors, receive a proportional share of the trust's income each quarter. After the income recipient dies, whatever funds are left in the trust are given to Louisville Seminary.

We have a charitable partner to administer this type of legacy gift for Louisville Seminary. contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 502-992-9353 or [email protected] to learn more about this gift that can provide you a steady stream of income for your lifetime.

Pooled Income Fund
Gift of
Stock or Cash
Pooled Income Fund
Receives Income
Remainder to
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Benefits of a pooled income fund

  • Receive lifetime payments to you or another beneficiary that you designate for life
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction for the present value of your gift to the fund
  • Further the charitable work and mission of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

How a pooled income fund works

  1. You transfer cash or property to one our charitable partner's pooled income fund.
  2. Your gift is "pooled" together and invested with the gifts of other donors.
  3. You receive a charitable income tax deduction for your gift to us.
  4. You enjoy annual payments for life based on the value of the pool's assets and your share in the fund.
  5. You also receive satisfaction knowing that you will be helping further our mission.

More on pooled income funds

Pooled income fund returns vary depending on the nonprofit organization that maintains the fund. Please check with us on your potential payment and tax savings.